Ma'layba et l'Age du Bronze du Ymen (Archaeologische Berichte aus dem Yemen) (German Edition)

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Vittoria Buffa

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The Bronze Age was first identified in Yemen at the beginning of the 80s. Since then, Bronze Age monuments have been identified in different regions of Yemen. Amongst the most important discoveries are those of Sabir and Ma'layba and of the shell-middens of al-Nabwa and Khawr al-'Umayra on the coastal plain of the Gulf of Aden made by the Joint German-Russian Archaeological Mission. The first part of the volume is dedicated to the site of Ma'layba. Chapter 1 reports the results of the excavation of the settlement (end 3rd millennium - 13th century BC). Data coming from a long, 14C dated stratigraphic sequence of the Yemen Bronze Age are available for the first time. The discovery of irrigation channels, the first Bronze Age channels to have been excavated in Yemen, demonstrates that the irrigation systems built later by the South Arabians were the refinement of skills developed since the Bronze Age. The chapter contains the complete description and illustration of the stratified pottery assemblage, presented in a typological frame. Chapter 2 summarizes the results of excavations and surveys in the nearby town of Sabir and in the shell-middens on the Gulf of Aden, including the description and illustration of the ceramics from al-Nabwa. In Chapter 3, a definition and periodization of the archaeological culture of the Gulf of Aden is proposed. In the second part of the volume, Chapter 4 provides an updated overview of the Yemen Bronze Age. The material cultures from the end of the 4th millennium to the beginning of the 1st millennium are used to define different archaeological facies: Highlands and Lowlands, Coastal Plains,Hadramawt and Mahra. Chapter 5 proposes a provisional comprehensive periodization of the Yemen Bronze Age. The material cultures of Yemen are compared with those of neighbouring regions in Chapter 6. A better understanding of the nature of the relations between Yemen and the Levant and between Yemen and Eastern Africa during the Bronze Age argues in favour of the existence of an ancient common cultural background shared by South Western Arabia and the Levant. This volume is addressed to researchers in the field of Bronze Age archaeology of South Arabia, the Levant and Eastern Africa.


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